Waiwera 'Spiced Gold' Rum

700ml | 40%alc/vol



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Our rums are made using organic muscovado sugar, which we ferment with Champagne yeast to around 15% abv and distill it once in a pot still and once in a batch rectification column, resulting in a 96%+ abv. The final product is not filtered to retain it's natural aromas. It is blended with Waiwera Artesian Water and natural and organic spices that are sourced locally whenever possible.

By combining different blends of spices we create two distinct styles of rum; Spiced Gold with a stronger concentration of winter spices and Spiced Silver with a lighter fruitier blend. The resulting products have a very smooth mouthfeel, enhanced by the spices to create complex rums that can be enjoyed on their own as well as in a cocktail.